Friday, June 4, 2010

Not interested = no response

This is why I should not respond to any nuckfut I'm not interested if he e-mails me. Some guy on OKCupid e-mailed me a couple weeks ago and just asked me out - no "hey, how ya doing, here's what kind of guy I am" or anything. I didn't respond because I wasn't interested. Today, he e-mailed me again: "All you have to do is click, to see if we could tick?" So I took a look at his profile to be fair, and I clicked through some of the questions we'd both answered to see if there was anything glaring that we didn't match on. I came across a question about same-sex marriage - was it OK or not. The guy had chosen "All same-sex relationships are wrong." Bingo! That's a major point of contention, and since he had no religion/political affiliation listed (really, none of his "vitals" were filled out), I think I'd be fair in assuming that he's probably relatively conservative. Being that I'm pretty liberal, I think that would be a major dividing point, so I decided to be nice and respond to him to say that I didn't think we were a good match.

Me: Thank you for the e-mail, but I don't think we'd be a good match. Good luck in your search.

Him: You sound like you are trying to match two dogs together or something.

Me: What should I have said? It's not like I said, "I don't think we would mate well together." I don't think our interests and values are in tune. Would no response have been preferable?

Him: Makes me think that, we are two slabs of meat looking to get together. I have more to offer than most men. I have a heart that wants more than to get into someones pants that I meet on the computer!!

Me: I have no doubt that you are a sincere man looking for a sincere woman. Unfortunately, based on some of the answers to the questions we answered, I don't think that I am the woman you're looking for.

Him: I would never want a cookie cutter woman. I want someone that is different than me. I would want someone that is willing to open their heart and want me and the differences. Looking for someone that fits a perfect profile and says all I want to here, will never be what I would want in the long run. I know finding someone on the computer is a far reach, but i am not about to go to a bar and think of wanting someone to build a life with. The perfect person is god, not me or anyone I will find on a computer.

Me: Hopefully you will find her. Good luck.

If he responds again, I think I'll tell him that it's nothing personal, but he should learn to take "no" for an answer. And then he's getting blocked.


Shawn said...

So he wants to date God? I've no doubt that his God is the stereotypical "he", so what's that do to his same-sex stance?

Danamite said...

Dammit - I wish I'd responded with that! :)